Adventures with a kilt company

Adventures with a kilt company


I’ve been working at a kilt company for 6 months now. It’s easily my favourite job that I’ve ever had and it’s somehow made me love Scotland even more. I love it.

6 months is no time at-all but I have never felt so settled in a job so quickly. I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned in my time at my lovely wee company.

  1. Working for what is mostly a family company can be a little intimidating at times but I was never treated like a ‘new girl’. Once you’re in, you’re in. Just like family.
  2. There are SO MANY gorgeous tartans out there! One of my favourites is Hebridean Heather tartan but there are so, so many of them and I have actually seen far more tartans that I love than ones I’ve not quite taken to.
  3. The Scots were ruthless. Writing about Scottish history for a SUPER SECRET COOL PROJECT has taught me so much more than I ever did at school (though I left my Scottish high school after 2 years so it was a low bar).
  4. Scottish wedding traditions are crazy and also really, really interesting. For example, up in the highlands there is a tradition called The Blackening where traditionally, a groom, but now a bride and groom are “kidnapped” by their friends and relatives and covered in a range of things such as eggs, mud, etc and paraded through their village. It’s all in good fun but also… WTF HIGHLANDS?!
  5. Watching the whole kilt making process is surprisingly fascinating and seeing it done, still, by hand, is actually a wee bit moving.
  6. Kilts are great. And heavy.
  7. If you work around kilts enough, you get pretty passionate about how they are worn. I notice when men aren’t wearing them correctly and yes, of course there’s a wrong way to wear them and I apparently care about that!
  8. People love Scotland. I have spoken to so many people that have told me how much they love our wee corner of the world. So many that have found tenuous links to Scottish lineage just because they’re so fond of Scotland. It’s lovely.
  9. The wedding industry doesn’t seem to be quite as cut-throat as people make it out to be. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it and talking to people about their weddings!
  10. The Marketing team work together in an office in Glasgow Collective. The collective has a huge range of companies from a feminist embroidery business to specialist agencies dedicated to the drinks industry. We have free coffee all day, every day from the amazing Dear Green Coffee, an in house Boston Terrier called Darcy and a bunch of other dogs who come to visit! It’s unique, to say the least!

Working here has been the one positive thing in a pretty dark year and long may it continue…!



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