Happy birthday, Megan

Happy birthday, Megan


You came to us in the middle of a storm. We were tired, we were aching and never have we since needed relief as much as we did in the months preceding your birth. We were weathering, but getting by should never be enough. We needed more. You were that. I call you our little firefly because you were a bright, ethereal light in the dark.

Despite the aching in our hearts, you were so easy to love. We were guarded but not around you. You’ve always been easy to love.

Before I met you, I lost a lot of love but I regained it quickly and poured every bit of affection I could muster into being your sister. I took so much delight in watching you grow. Our age difference is too big for us to ever have a real, challenging, sibling relationship and while I know that can be strange, I love it. I always did. The world has never hardened me for so many reasons but you were a big one – after struggling for so long to see light, there you were. Wonderfully innocent. Untouched by the world’s harshness. Wondrous, funny and endlessly enchanted by the world around you.

How could I ever stay hardened in the face of that?

You were always keen to learn, keen to share everything you had learned. Your knowledge of the world’s continents, countries and cities was unrivalled even by the adults around you. You were a sponge and you loved it. Always a new fact, a new story. A child who not only understood but enjoyed QI… wild. Where did we even find you?

I have to admit, I’m struggling to adjust to you being a teenager. You’ll always be a baby in my eyes but I do recognise that you have grown, and changed from the little girl I knew. In great ways. You are so wise for your years and the things you have to say regarding autonomy and feminism blow my mind. You are so much more clued up than I ever was.

I can’t believe you’re 14 today. Megan Kelly, 14! CRAZY.

I hope you’re having a wonderful time in my dream city and I hope that you enter 14 feeling a little stronger than you did at 13. I hope that 14 is an absolute blast for you but most of all, I hope you continue being wonderful wee you.

Happy birthday Megan, I love you to the moon.


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