Lovecats vs Flatmate

Lovecats vs Flatmate


My cats are great, but they’re spoilt. There are no two ways around it; I have always lived my life around them and would never dream of sending them to a cattery. It’s ridiculous. I have no problem with catteries – my dogs always went to kennels when we went away on holiday! For me, though, for my own sanity, no catteries. Round up friends, family, neighbours… whatever. If it meant my precious fluffy kitties weren’t out of their comfort zone, fine by me.

When we moved flat, though, I got a little scared. Had a spoilt them too much? (Yes) Had I wrapped them up so much that they wouldn’t even know how to comprehend change? (almost definitely) and oh, God, Collie hates men. I was moving in with a man. How would Collie cope? Would he die of a heart attack? (Genuine concern of mine).

Turns out, with a little help from Feliway and catnip, my cats settled in fine. We are settled in our new home, they’re eating fine, exploring and appreciating the new windows they have to “intimidate” birds from. I’m very proud of them and did, absolutely, underestimate how adaptable cats are for creatures that hate change.


Of course, it was never going to be completely easy. As affectionate and sweet as my cats are with me, they’re not quite so generous with their emotions when it comes to my flatmate. They are a little stand-offish, a little conservative and in the case of Collie, timid around Grant and although Grant was never huge on cats before meeting mine, he now sees it as an emotional challenge. I think he’s genuinely affronted that my cats haven’t quite taken to him yet (rightly so, they do rule the roost after all).

Things I’ve said so far:

  • “Okay, I know he runs away from you and doesn’t really let you pet him but when the buzzer goes, Collie runs under your bed. That’s love”
  • “Jess is just a diva. Do you not hear the noises she makes when I’m not giving her attention? If she was my teenage daughter, I’d be threatening to move her in with my mum”
  • “I think Collie’s warming to you. Just don’t look at him. He finds it intimidating. Okay, you can look at him as you pet him, he’s not that bad.Actually, maybe he is. Christ.”
  • “You’re having a girl over? Does she like cats? Cat allergies are really bad. I know I bring everything back to cats but honestly people with cat allergies get PUFFY FACES!”
  • “I cannot believe Collie lay in your bed. YOUR BED. He is my cat. Jess is everybody’s cat but Collie has always loved me most. This is unbelievable. I mean, congratulations to you but my cat is essentially Judas at this point”

We’ll get there, eventually. If Collie could stop being simultaneously scared of Grant and attracted to his bed for some reason, we might even have a happy wee home.


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