I could speak about my boyfriend, or my favourite bands, or the artists I’ve recently fallen for but this Valentines Day, I want to speak about the music that we often forget about.

The music that we discover when we’re going  through any kind of transitional period, the music that we never properly listen to until we need to, and it speaks to us.

To Biffy Clyro, the band that carried me through a dark depression, doubts about my relationship and myself and ultimately made me feel that even in all of my chaos and confusion, I wasn’t the first to feel this way.

To Bright Eyes whose poetic lyrics carried me through my first couple of years in Glasgow

To Amanda Palmer whose fearlessness helped me regain my own sense of fearlessness. Who made being an outspoken pain in the arse seem as badass as it can be.

To Lamb of God, the band that I unexpectedly found myself identifying with on a core level

To Christina Aguilera whose album ‘Stripped’ inspired me at age 13 and still continues to

To Snow Patrol, the band that held my hand through 2008

To Joni Mitchell who still has all of my love and affection

And so many more…

These are acts that I adore, love and would definitely not be the same person without but for the most part, I can’t listen to them a lot. They were there through times that I’d rather forget or at the very least, not dwell on. But they deserve just as much credit as the acts I still live for. The short-term fling music is great for that time, that place, those emotions but once those are gone, there is just a soft spot.

A very soft spot.

So for the music that’s too difficult to listen to now, thank you for having such an active part in me getting through tougher times. I love you and am thinking about you (if not listening to you) on this Valentines Day.