On Sunday night, I went along to Pronto Mama’s Beatnik Retreat for the second time.

I’m not much of a leaving the house on a Sunday person. I’m very much into spending my Sundays doing nothing at-all but the Beatnik Retreat is the most cosy, inspiring way to round off each month and I’m happy to give up my Nothing Sundays once a month for this very worthy cause.

On Sunday I saw, and fell in love with Josephine Sillars.

Aside from how gorgeous, and honest her music is, Josephine herself was just absolutely wonderful. She really hadn’t even finished one song when I whispered to my friend ‘oh my God I LOVE her!’.

Josephine will be at The Hug and Pint tomorrow with Chrissy Barnacle and Carly Brown Рtickets are only £6!

Just laugh or you will cry
I need a shot of vodka 
And a good nights sleep
But mostly I need something 
To PG-12 my dreams
Oh when I lie awake at night
You don’t plague my thoughts
It’s more a ‘hey that is the side of the bed
that I don’t frequent much’