In all your insecurity, your imperfections and your instability, you are enough.

The mistakes you have made do not define who you are, or who you will be. You don’t need to continue to apologise or excuse. You are enough.

You are not damaged goods, you are human and humans suffer. Humans experience trauma, complications, difficulties. This doesn’t mean you’re damaged, it means you’ve lived.

Stop trying to squeeze your huge, beautiful soul into small, stuffy spaces.

I have seen so many gorgeous, strong, intelligent people try to size themselves down. I’ve watched them as they try to become less. Less obnoxious, less passionate, less present. It’s heartbreaking. Life beats you down if you’re not careful. Don’t force it on yourself. You. Are. Enough. As you are.

I hate the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” but I agree with the sentiment. If you allow yourself to just be, if you accept who you are, in all your ugliness and defeat as well as your glory, you will find your people. You’ll find those who complement, nourish and truly warm your soul. They’ll get you. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you’re understood and that each part of you is loved, even the parts that you don’t think are lovable. Especially those, really.

To be human is to be ugly. To be human is to suffer. Don’t hide from these or protect others from your suffering, your ugliness because even with all of it- you are enough.




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